Spordle 1 – The complete governance system that fully adapts to all types of sports organizations, from the largest… to the smallest

Spordle 1 is a high performance and comprehensive administrative platform that provides overall management of a federation, league, tournament, club or any other sports organization.

A complete management tool

Cloud based to ensure permanent availability, Spordle 1 has proven itself within hundreds of organizations of all sizes. The implementation is fast and you can choose the functions you wish to use from a selection of integrated modules that cover all aspects of sports management. Implementation can be immediate or progressive, according to the needs of the organization. The solution is always at your fingertips!

Flawless support, whatever the organization!

Equally important, all Spordle 1 customers receive flawless support from the Spordle team. For Spordle, there is no such thing as a small team or a small organization. There are only big sporting challenges and we serve all of our customers with the same attention.

Spordle 1 Modules



From the basic plan
  • Organization & sub-organization management
  • Region, territory & district management
  • Registration management
  • Season & sub-season management
  • Category Management
  • Member Management
  • Committee Management
  • Access and right management (RFID / NFC)
  • Reports


Leagues, Competitions, Tournaments

From the recreational plan

For leagues & tournaments:  hockey (Ice, Dek, Balll, Cosom), Baseball, Soccer, Futsal, Football, Lacrosse, Rugby, Ultimate frisbee, Tennis, Yukigassen & others.

  • Sport configuration (points, players, rankings, times, durations)
  • Teambook management
  • Game management
  • Schedule management
  • Affiliated players, substitutes and free agent management
  • Location management
  • Suspension management
  • Ranking & pool management
  • Real time game management
  • Webcast


Stages & Accreditations

From the recreational plan
  • Course management
  • Internship management
  • Accreditation management
  • Rule management
  • Internship registration management


Olympic Games

From the elite plan
  • Competition pole & site management
  • Service management (supply, competition, accommodation…)
  • Volunteer management
  • Criminal record check
  • Task management
  • Sports rules management
  • Webcast


Officials / Referees, Scorekeepers

From the elite plan
  • Stakeholder management (officials, referees, scorekeepers, supervisors & others)
  • Stakeholder profil management
  • Stakeholder availabilities management
  • Stakeholder assigning
  • Game reports & supervision
  • Payroll management


Elite leagues

From the elite plan

All features of recreational plan +

  • Trade management
  • Draft management
  • Waivers Management
  • Player of the month management
  • Advanced statistics
  • Athletic record
  • Elite league view on the web

Totally flexible, the Spordle 1 platform offers unique features

Cloud power!

100% web-based, Spordle 1 is hosted on high-performance redundant servers. No installation or special equipment required. 

Unlimited users...accurately managed

With Spordle 1, you can allow an unlimited number of users (adminstrators). In addition you can determine which modules and functions each user can access according to their own functions and responsibilities.


Procedures allow administrators to merge members by configuring upper classes and subclasses.

Custom Reports

Reports that allow you to quickly obtain an overview of your organization and the situation of its various divisions.