Save time and money.

The UNI Integrated Software Suite is the only platform that ensures reliable schedule sharing between the associations/clubs, leagues, tournaments and sports complexes.

The UNI Suite lets you manage all the information pertaining to time slots reserved by your association or group of associations in one or more arenas (sports complexes). These time slots allow your local teams to play in games, practices, or any other on-ice or off-ice event. Once the association has confirmed the ice rink hours, it shares the availability and allocates them to the various leagues regrouping the local teams in order for them to produce the league’s schedules.


UNI Association

  • Association directory (member contact details)
  • Planing and assigning schedules for training camps and other
  • Location management
  • Ranking and category management
  • Team management
  • Creating and managing time slots with events and location
  • Access to teams and calendars of the Association on SportSite or on the PoweringSports Network

UNI League

  • Structure management
  • Location management
  • Directory management
  • User management
  • Configuring and setting parameters for the season
  • Team management
  • HCR import for Hockey Québec members (exclusive to Spordle / PS)
  • Game management
  • Graphic management for playoffs and regional playoffs
  • Access to teams, schedules, rankings and results via a SportSite or the PS Network

UNI Tournament

  • Structure management
  • Over 150 graphics available (single, double, triple elimination)
  • Team management
  • HCR import for Hockey Québec members (exclusive to Spordle / PS)
  • Create and manage games
  • Suspension management
  • Access to teams, schedules, rankings and results via a SportSite or the PS Network
  • Custom report for tournament administrators
  • Graphics displayed on televisions in the arena (sports complex)


  • Multi-platform management of time slots;
  • Contract and quote management;
  • Management of advanced pricing according to peak periods;
  • Room assignment;
  • Broadcasting on web and TV networks.


  • SPLEX software package for rental contracts;
  • Broadcasting on the web via a SportSite ;
  • Broadcasting and room management on TV network;
  • LiveBarn automated camera system;
  • Sportix smart ticketing for ticket sales at events;
  • Complete solutions of Complex clients with Spordle 1.

League scheduler

  • Receive and manage time slots
  • Production des matrices d’affrontement en mode semi-automatique ou manuel
  • Planificateur d’horaires selon les équipes et matrices
  • Block dates that are not to be scheduled for a team
  • Broadcast full time slots

Official Supplier and partner of Hockey Quebec until the 2020-2021 season

As part of this partnership, leagues and tournaments are offered free UNI League and UNI Tournament solutions. This agreement also allows  Hockey Québec to offer its members all the solutions offered by Spordle/PS at preferential rates. Finally, this business collaboration allows Hockey Québec to unify its activities within a single global platform, thus generating substantial savings for its members.


‘’ Spordle has allowed us to offer UNI, an integrated solution that aims continuous improvement, and to help our members to better serve their clients. The Spordle team’s cutting-edge tech support and the transfer of skills to our organizations have been key elements of our technological progression.’’

Sylvain B. Lalonde, General Manager at Hockey Québec