Baseball Québec

November 18th, 2019 10:14
Baseball Québec

Baseball Québec


With a network of more than 33 000 members, Baseball Québec’s mission is to lead, harmonize, develop and promote baseball in Quebec while creating optimal conditions to ensure that passionate people revolving around the sport have a positive and enriching experience.

Fundamental values of teamwork, diversity and solidarity guide every action and decision the federation makes.


An integrated platform perfect for member affiliation

This innovative vision and common values led to Baseball Quebec and Spordle becoming teammates more than 10 years ago. Spordle’s integrated platform was the perfect fit for minor baseball across the province.

As of today, all of Baseball Quebec’s 33 000 plus members are registered via our platform. 

Connect with a vast communications network with Spordle Site

With a network as vast and as large a territory covered by Quebec minor baseball, the federation’s leaders quickly grasped the importance of communicating through their own network. Progressively, hundreds of minor baseball associations, regions, tournaments and leagues chose Spordle Site as their communications hub. As such, sharing a news release between the federation and its minor baseball associations and regions  is as simple as one click, as they are all interconnected via Spordle SIte. This creates a quick and efficient communications hub. This network has kept growing through the years with the addition of online platforms like the custom Minor baseball Hall of Fame website.

Technology at the center of safety measures for players

One of Baseball Quebec’s most important priorities is the health and security of its members, which is why the federation established parameters for pitchers regarding maximum pitch counts for every level of competition and game situations (season, tournaments, etc.).  With the Spordle integrated platform, pitch counts and innings on the mound are tabulated electronically giving the administrator instant access to this information while making sure that the health of young players is prioritized as wanted by Baseball Quebec.