Dragon Boat Canada

November 18th, 2019 10:16
Dragon Boat Canada

Dragon Boat Canada


Dragon Boat Canada is the official governing body for the sport of dragon boat racing in Canada, and is recognized as such, internationally, by the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF). DBC provides support and services designed to foster the orderly development of the sport in Canada.Dragon Boat Canada is a federally incorporated not-for-profit corporation, governed by an elected Board of Directors.The board is comprised of members representing three regions of Canada. East: Maritime Provinces and Quebec, Central Ontario, Manitoba and Nunavut and West: Western provinces, Northwest Territories and Yukon. 

With more than 90 000 active members mostly registered with their respective clubs, as well as a few individual members, Dragon Boat Canada was faced with a daunting logistical challenge to manage its membership efficiently. After having gone through the strenuous process of trying multiple solutions, to no avail, Spordle Id got the job done.

An integrated platform fit for every need

By trusting the Spordle Suite solutions, Dragon Boat Canada was able to affiliate all of its members thanks to our multi-level platform.  The federation now has access to a general database of its members across the country, which can lead to detailed reports (age, sex, etc.), but thanks to our solutions, it can also collect membership fees as soon as a member is registered which, until recently, was not possible and could take up to two years. 


Spordle Event, a perfect fit for Dragon Boat Canada

One of the biggest advantages of an integrated solution relies on the interconnectivity of its platform. Club members, just like Dragon Boat Canada, can use Spordle Id for member affiliation while also combining the use of Spordle Event to greatly facilitate the logistical processing of their events. 

This expertise put forward by our solution makes it so that sanctioned competitions at the national, regional or event corporate (private) level can use this affiliation system for their events and individual athletes with ease.  Even if an athlete isn’t a member, it's possible to go through a quick and simple affiliation process that includes registration fees.

Various other functionalities available with Spordle Event help Dragon Boat Canada and its members, such as live event scanning, production of volunteers badges, competition management, tickets sold to participants and spectators alike and promotional material distribution.