Speed Skating Canada

November 18th, 2019 10:17
Speed Skating Canada

Speed Skating Canada


With more than 40 000 registered members across the country, Speed Skating Canada constantly strives for excellence, whether it be for its membership or its various partners. The federation’s mission is to inspire Canadians to push themselves thanks to the power of speed skating while adhering to important values such as respect, leadership, engagement, integrity and community participation.

Speed Skating Canada was faced with a daunting challenge when it came to affiliating and managing its membership. The Spordle Suite solutions made sure that this challenge was properly answered.

An integrated platform fit for a sports organization’s various needs

By choosing Spordle Suite products, specifically Spordle Id, Speed Skating Canada went with a solution that was able to affiliate all of its members under a single multilayered platform.  By doing so, the federation now has access to a database with which it can see detailed information about all of its members by association or region, but also produce detailed reports by age, sex, category, etc.


Save time and money with Spordle

With Spordle, the federation and its members can automatically program amounts due for every level as well as member affiliation fees for skaters upon registration. This multi-level financial management solution represents a significant amount of time and money saved and improves member satisfaction towards the national federation.